Lightwave International | Lightwave International is a Leading Provider of FogScreens
Lightwave International provides modular FogScreens that enable vivid projection of video and laser in mid-air.
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Float Media Midair!

A FogScreen creates a thin suspended layer of dry fog that enables vivid projection of images, seemingly in midair! Guests can walk through the FogScreen without getting wet, and the projection surface is formed from ordinary tap water with no additional chemicals. They are great for grand entrances through laser or video projected media.

Lightwave International provides full production and rental of the seamless FogScreen used to float video and laser projection midair.
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FogScreen 101

It's Easy

Our FogScreens run with normal tap water. No distilled water or expensive fog fluids needed. A typical FogScreen runs for many hours without needing refilled or optionally hooked up to an external water supply.

It's Safe

The FogScreen agitates standard tapwater for the effect meaning there is no residual haze or fogger effect in the area of the unit. Smoke detectors and other fire detection systems will not be activated by a FogScreen.

Use Anywhere

A fogscreen projection screen is a stand-alone product that can be integrated into any environment. Casinos, clubs, malls, showrooms, fairs, convention centers, theme parks, science centers, museums, theaters, TV sets, fashion shows, and corporate venues are all ideal FogScreen settings.

It's Modular

FogScreens are modular in width. Extend the effect as wide as needed for a grand entryway or widescreen projection.

It's Silent

The FogScreen effect flows effortlessly without noisy blower motors or loud pumps. Guests will not be distracted by unwanted noises while enjoying your event.


Installing a FogScreen for use can be as simple as anchoring two points and hoisting directly out of the wheeled roadcase! Simple goalpost truss works perfectly when ceiling anchor points are unavailable.


You can pass your hand through what seems like science fiction and walk through videos, but you want more? How about using your hand to draw ON the FogScreen in real time?! We can even customize this element theme directly to your event.

Double Sided Projection

Totally different media can be projected on either side of the FogScreen at the same time! Guests entering the screen may see a video clip, but those exiting through the same wall of fog could see your brand logo.