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A fogscreen creates a thin suspended layer of dry fog that enables vivid projection of images, seemingly in mid-air!  Guests can walk through the fogscreen without getting wet, and the projection surface is formed from ordinary tap water with no additional chemicals. They are great for grand entrances through laser or video projected company logos, or themed event content.

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A fogscreen projection screen is a stand-alone product that can be integrated into any environment, including casinos and clubs, malls and showrooms, fairs and convention centers, theme parks, science centers, museums, theaters, TV sets, fashion shows, and corporate venues.  They are perfectly suited for people to walk through, or to be used as an area enhancing background effect.

After the screen is formed by the fog, images can be projected onto the haze. The haze does not disperse and fill the room, but stays in place as the screen.  The fogscreen projection "screen" can be translucent or fully opaque, depending on the density of fog. The fog screen works very much like any ordinary screen in terms of projection: The image is spectacular in normal daylight, but the darker the room, the better the resulting image. A projector with at least 6000 ANSI Lumen is recommended, and distance between the projector and screen should be a minimum of 6 feet. The fogscreen itself can be created any size.






Fogscreens are a hit with guests and executives alike! Presentation content can be as simple as a company logo that must be walked through to enter a spectacular gala, or rich video content themed to the event. Anything possible with a standard laser projection is possible on a fogscreen.






A fogscreen can also be used as an interactive medium, allowing guests to paint on the screen surface using their hand as a "brush." Customization is possible for theme interactivity specific to the event.  This is a very unique presentation tool only possible with this medium.







With two projectors, it is possible to create unique content on each side of the fogscreen. In this photo, guests entered through a binary waterfall themed to the event, and exited through the event logo. Our high contrast DLP projectors are essential to high extinction ratios between each screen side.






Fogscreen Event Examples:

Fog Screen exampleImageImage

Image Image


  • FogScreen creates a screen 79" (2 meters) wide and 59" (1,5 meters) high.
  • The dimensions of the unit are 25.6" high * 35.4" deep * 91" wide, weight ~330 lb
  • Needs either water mains connection (long term use) or a water reservoir (short term use)
  • Fogscreen does not 'haze' the environment, and will not activate fire detection systems.
  • Fogscreen is completely silent.
  • 20A/115V

    Now available as a seamless projection surface of any width you desire.

Lightwave is the Fogscreen PLATINUM partner for Pennsylvania and Washington DC and the GOLD partner for the states of: New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Michigan

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