Go out with a bang, end your show with cryo & confetti

A Lot of Hot Cold Air!

The use of Cryo CO2 effects continues to gain popularity in the entertainment industry. A form of atmospheric special effects, our CO2 machines can be used for creating special effects, to make lighting and lighting effects visible, and to create a specific sense of mood or party atmosphere. Rapid firing CO2 jets for your high-energy concerts, low-lying CO2 fog for theatrics, and CO2 confetti cannons for grand finales are great ways to add extra drama to an event or performance. Lightwave International provides rental and production of:

  • CO2 Jets
  • Low Lying CO2 Fog
  • Cascading CO2 Fog Walls
  • CO2 Confetti Cannons

Why co2 effects are right for you

It’s Safe

CO2 effects are created using the same carbon dioxide naturally found as a small percentage of our atmosphere.

It’s Green

We can provide biodegradable and environmentally safe confetti. Upon being exposed to water, the plant-based confetti breaks down completely, significantly reducing waste generally experienced with this form of special effect.

It’s Impactful

CO2 jet plumes can reach up to 20 feet high, blasting over crowds, revealing new cars, or as a grand entrance for athletes into the arena.

It’s Dynamic

Illuminate CO2 plumes with any variety of stage lights to change color. Simulate fire, water, or effects lent to the imagination!

Projects featuring cryo effects

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