Rinse and repeat

The water screen uses a thin film of water to project video, lasers, gobos, and other lighting effects, magically enhanced by the surrealistic effect of genuine flowing water. They can be doubly exciting when utilizing a water feature present at the event, such as a fountain, pool, or pond.

Indoor screens are hung from supporting truss to create a continuous screen surface. Outdoor screens are used over a large body of water, shooting a giant peacock-shaped screen that can be hundreds of feet in width. Various control options are available to integrate our water screens with other theatrical elements.

Why Our Water Projection Screens?

Screens are better seen than heard

Our indoor water screens operate silently and without splash to keep your performance area safe and free of distraction. Outdoor screens utilize powerful pumps located remotely away from your audience.

It’s Modular

Indoor screens are modular in width to match stage lengths or fit nicely among the rest of production. Outdoor screens can be scaled to best suit your performance area.

It’s Practically Magic

Water screens are an amazing medium allowing large images to float magically in front of audiences. It’s the natural beauty of a waterfall taken into a sci-fi movie.

Screens On Demand

Need a quick reveal or have to move a screen out of the way quickly? Water screens can be controlled in sections while quickly turning on and off.

Projects featuring Water Screens

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