Fort Hood Boxing Smoker

The III Armored Corps and Fort Hood Boxing Smoker was held March 2-5, 2009at Abrams Physical Fitness Center in Fort Hood, TX. The military boxing event included lasers,fog screens, lighting design and all-out effects by Lightwave International.

This was not your typical boxing event. Boxing arenas are usually devoid of projection screens, powerful full-color lasers, water screens, fog, spotlights and custom choreographed laser animation. This was not the case for Fort Hood’s Annual Military Boxing Smoker, where Lightwave International pulled all their resources to create the most visually stunning and dramatic combination of sound, lighting and laser effects possible. A standard gymnasium was transformed into a theater and the ring was made the stage. The result was an intense fighting atmosphere for the boxers and the audience alike.

Over 120 men from army installations all over the country traveled to Fort Hood to participate in the event. High-powered lasers in millions of colors danced across the fighters, as laser images projected onto the wall. The event took on a nationalistic focus, honoring the country’s colors and including patriotic imagery in the laser projections.

Lightwave is a CCR registered contractor.