Ghostland Observatory World Tour

Ghostland Observatory has developed a loyal worldwide fan base by delivering no-compromise performances. This was achieved largely through the use of lasers – and lots of them – at their live shows. The band often has 40-100W of laser power on stage at any show, and achieves the look and feel of a band much larger and more experienced. It has given them an image of being highly original, unique, and attendees can count on them for stellar live shows. This approach has paid off and has gained them massive attendances and has established an image branding that is, quite simply, LASERS.

Lightwave International’s work with Ghostland Observatory earned them an ILDA Award in the Live Performance category.

Initial programs were created as short Pangolin Showtime cues that were exported frame-by-frame, then massaged in the live software to create a cue-to-cue environment without a lighting console. Since the band performs live and changes songs on the fly, cues are arranged as song per page and the live operator can make adjustments in real-time to deliver beat-accurate performances every show; with an accuracy that does not vary between cities. Essentially, this affords live flexibility with the precision and repeatability of time code.

Show Design: Thomas Turner
Lighting Design & Laser Programming: George Dodworth
Live Laser Operator: Jesse Parker