Jane’s Addiction Tour

Jane’s Addiction kicks off the 2011 ‘Great Escape Artist’ Tour with the release of their new album and hit single ‘Irresistible Forces’ at Terminal 5 in New York City. This is the first concert that is captured in 3D by audience members, sponsored by LG.

The initial concentric circle set design is by Jim Lenehan and features the careful integration of lasers directly into set pieces. Jim directed Lightwave to create unique effects from beam locations and to paint the truss and backdrop with laser elements. The entire performance was programmed on-site under the direction of Jason Bullock, Lighting Designer, and with the assistance of Mike Dunn, Laser Artist, working remotely from the home office. The song called for strong blue and white looks, which were intended to complement and extend the impact of the fabric radiating from the central spoke of the concentric truss.

Each laser makes use of multiple termination points throughout the performance, greatly increasing the coverage of the lasers. This also allowed for complete immersion of the audience in the effects without the use of audience scanning. The backdrop lasers are similarly re-directed from cue to cue, often seamlessly overlapping. 30 Custom programming zones were required to achieve this level of precision from multiple projectors.

Lightwave also provided CO2-powered confetti effects for the duration of this tour.

The tour has visited many cities and festivals across the United States and Europe and has been presented live on Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live.