Lightwave International Exclusive Arctos Distributor for the Americas

Lightwave is pleased to announce exclusive Arctos Laser distributor status for North and South America, inclusive of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Lightwave has worked as a partner with Arctos, developing the world’s largest lasers and breaking records on a regular basis. Recent developments include the 38W Prism Series laser with an unprecedented 35W of balanced white light output – the most powerful laser in the world.

Dealer opportunities are available for qualified companies, and an extensive rental inventory is available for immediate deployment worldwide.

These lasers have been used on popular world tours and events such as:

The Killers: Battle Born World Tour
Roger Waters ( Pink Floyd ): Dark Side of the Moon World Tour
Madonna: Sticky and Sweet World Tour
Korn: B*tch we have a problem World Tour
Family Values Tour
MTV Video Music Awards: Linkin Park

… and many thousands of civic events, city-scale spectaculars, and movie events. Installations are also taking advantage of the compact size, ease of use, low maintenance, and amazing power output of these lasers.

Lightwave carries a massive inventory of Lightwave Prism Series direct diode projectors. Commonly available power levels in stock are as follows: 

  • Arcthron Series Lasers
  • Arc Diode Series Lasers
  • 2.0W RGB Red at choice of 640nm or 650nm
  • 2.5W RGB 650nm Red
  • 5.0W RGB Enhanced 640nm Red
  • 8.0W G 532nm
  • Stella Laser Series
  • Arc OPSL Series
  • 10W RGB Red at choice of 640nm or 650nm
  • 12W RGB Enhanced 640nm Red
  • 13W RGB Enhanced 640nm Red
  • 38W RGB Enhanced 640nm Red
  • Custom Laser Build Applications

Arctos Lasers are over-engineered for industry leading quality, reliability, stability, and precision in all performance environments. Over 25 years of laser development allow Arctos Lasers to have the features you need designed seamlessly into compact high performance devices.